Bike Assembly Guide


It is extremely important that you follow the information on this page when you have your bike delivered, noting the requirements if you find damage or wish to return the bike.


This next step is very important. Do not ever use any sharp instrument or any tool/item to open the packaging that could pass through any protection and scratch or otherwise damage the bike. It is vital that you take extreme care when unpacking the bike and all parts. This means you must also be very careful when removing any wheel(s), handlebars or other items that could potentially scratch/scrape or otherwise damage your bike and its frame/paintwork. We review all cases of claimed damage carefully and we cannot accept liability where you have accidentally damaged your bike when unpacking or assembling it. Every item we send out is throughly checked before it leaves our workshop. If you find an issue with your bike that requires attention, please first of all e-mail a detailed description and images to - someone will then get back to you with guidance.


Once you have carefully unpacked your bike, you're ready to add the finishing touches! Before you proceed... if you are unsure, get in touch with us for advice! Normally, all you need to do is fit the handlebars, front wheel and pedals by following the instructions below, although in some cases more or less assembly may be needed, depending on the bike and brand;

Step 1:  After removing the bike from the box and removing the packaging, undo the faceplate on the front of the bike’s stem using the appropriately sized allen key, normally included in the box.

Step 2:  Attach the bars to the stem and tighten the faceplate making sure you use any markings on the handlebars to line it up evenly.  When placing handlebars onto the stem, ensure they are the right way up and ensure the gear levers are on the bottom.

Step 3:  Attach the front wheel; this could be one of three axle types: Bolt on (Tighten each side evenly), quick release (tighten and push upwards, the force should leave a slight marking on the palm of your hand) or thru axle (if it is the lever type make sure the lever is upwards parallel to the fork body).

Step 4:  Fit the pedals using either the included pedal wrench or included allen key. Each pedal will have a side (L = Left / Lines above thread, R = Right / No lines above thread). Tighten both pedals towards the front of the bike. Tighten carefully and make sure not to cross-thread or under/over tighten.

Step 5:  Enjoy your new bike! Exercise caution and always wear a helmet. Try to "run-in" your new bike carefully by not pushing it too hard at first and treat the gears and brakes gently for a certain distance, as you would a new car.