Warranty Procedures and Delivery Problems

Delivery Notes & Guidance:

Once your bike is delivered, we highly recommend taking photos of the outside of the box and its general condition while it is still sealed, especially of any areas of the box that may appear to be damaged or dented. You should also retain all items of packaging for as long as you may need to return the bike.

You can find more guidance on assembling your bike here but it is critically important that you take extreme care when unpacking the bike and all parts. Do not ever use any sharp instrument or any tool/item to open the packaging that could pass through any protection and scratch or otherwise damage the bike. It is vital that you take extreme care when unpacking the bike and all parts. This means you must also be very careful when removing any wheel(s), handlebars or other items that could potentially scratch/scrape or otherwise damage your bike and its frame/paintwork. We review all cases of claimed damage carefully and we cannot accept liability where you have accidentally damaged your bike when unpacking or assembling it.

Any damage during transit must be reported to us within 24 hours of delivery AND BEFORE THE BIKE IS USED or it cannot be acted upon and no claims will be considered.

Warranty Claims & Procedure

We sincerely hope you don't need warranty help but we're here to support and advise you in the case that you do have any issues.

By purchasing from Les's Cycles you agree to these warranty terms and the guidance provided below.

Firstly, you should note that your warranty is provided by the manufacturer and not by Les's Cycles. You should consult the manufacturer directly regarding the warranty details and associated terms for your product. You should also direct any complaints or comments directly to the manufacturer and not Les's Cycles.

The manufacturer will have final say on whether an issue is covered or is considered fair wear and tear or improper use. If the manufacturer will not authorise repair or replacement, this is out of the control of Les's Cycles and you should only contact the manufacturer directly regarding the decision - consumers should also direct any complaints or comments directly to the manufacturer and not Les's Cycles.

It is also important to note that there is no way for us to provide timeframes in all aspects of warranty work as there are many factors involved.


Below are just a few examples of issues we do not accept warranty enquiries on as they are generally considered improper use or fair wear and tear;

  • Scratches and/or other cosmetic imperfections/damage not reported within 24 hours of delivery OR not reported before any usage.
  • Damage to pedal or crank arms - this is always due to incorrect fitting and we don't accept claims for it.
  • Gear adjustment issues such as slipping or other issues including rubbing brakes or loose spokes that are not reported within 24 hours of the first ride usage
  • Wheels becoming untrue/faulty after first ride usage
  • Issues arising due to improper storage and/or lack of maintenance
  • Many other examples also exist and their lack of inclusion does not grant any automatic right to coverage

In order for us to review any warranty issue, please call us first before anything else and if instructed, email us with the following information;

- Two clear photos of the bike, one from each side showing the entire bike in the frame so the full bike is visible from both sides
- Any other photos of something relevant to the issue
- A description of the problem and as much detail as possible
- If you bought the bike in-store, a photo of the receipt

Our workshop will review your e-mail, usually within 7 working days, and get back to you with further information.

In all acceptable cases, a warranty issue must be inspected. This must be done by bringing the bike or product back to our retail store or via an authorised local dealer for the brand. No charges made by a third party will be accepted by us unless fully authorised beforehand.

No compensation nor other costs will ever be accepted relating to any warranty issue or failure - this would need to be taken up directly by you with the manufacturer.